Ben Waters by Emmanuel Giraud | LUISAVIAROMA Editorial


i had a dream that i was walking around in a shirt with stalks of corn all over it and somebody was like “wtf are u wearing?” and i said “it’s a crop top” i laughed so hard that i woke up


Spoiler alert: adulthood is 96% of you going “well, I hope this is how it works and I’ll keep doing it till someone yells at me”


post selfies for no reason other than you want to. post 3485657 selfies. reblog your own selfies. who gives a shit. show the world that you’re beautiful and you fucking know it.


Yuri Pleskun for VMAN Spring/Summer 2014 by Richard Burbridge, edit by aphoticsouls

Daan Van Der Deen by John Akehurst | Touch My Body (Put Me on the Floor)